As a staff we hand out two awards for the season, The Toro Award and Academic Awards. These awards are given because we believe they demonstrate our priorities and values as a team. 


The Toro Award: This is voted on at the end of the year by both Junior Varsity and Varsity players. They are allowed to pick one player to receive this award each year. 

  •  Someone who brings energy to the team everyday, no matter how they may feel about being there.
  • They give everything they have each and everyday.
  • They encourage players around them. 
  • Someone who leads by example in their words and actions.
  • They choose to inspire people both on and off of the field. 
  • They are always respectful to other players, coaches, teachers, friends, and their parents. 

Academic Awards: These are given to the high school students athletes that have demonstrated excellence in the classroom all year.  (Grades are checked every two weeks) 

Reagen Byrd 


2016 Toro Award Winner 


Academic Award Winners 2016

  • Morgan Murray 
  • Cameron Cox 
  • Sarah Elliot 
  • Haley Godwin 
  • Rylee Dukes 
  • Anna Walton